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Why sail an IC?

Sailing an IC is a unique experience, quite different to any other dinghy. The narrow hull and seat combination provides an exhilerating ride with an amazing sensation of speed but with minimum distrurbance as the boat effortlessly slices through the water making very little wake. The leverage from the end of the seat is immense and the boat accelerates with ease at the slightest gust to a remarkable speed with the helm almost an observer from 2m out from the boat centreline.

An important aspect of the Canoe fleet and one for which it is famous, is the hospitality and friendiness of its sailors. New recruits are most welcome;  we work hard but we play hard too. The social scene is important to canoe sailors who are just as happy talking about in the bar afterwards.

As with all things in life, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. Once the canoe is mastered, you will experience one of the most exhilarating thrill that sailing can offer.


The original International Canoe now sailed as a strict one design. A great entry to the class.

International Canoe

One slim boat, 2 sails and one slide. The International Canoe in its original form.

Asymetric International Canoe

Exactly the same as the International Canoe but with an asymmetric Spinnaker for even more excitement.