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Travellers Trophy

The 2019 Travellers’ Series points will be scored separately for ICs and ACs and OD IC’s but also with an overall result based on handicap (if they have been calculated) based on UK based Premier events only. A fleet prize will only be awarded if more than three boats each qualify in more than 2 events.

The Premier Events are the nominated UK Open Meetings and the National Championships with secondary events added from the list or where the committee have been informed in advance that more than three in a given fleet are competing.

Secondary Events are included this year to encourage involvement in shared regattas and are presented here where at least 3 boats have registered an interest. Results in Secondary Events will only be included if 3 or more boats are entered and they complete the required number of races to qualify in that event.

Scoring will be based as follows;

Nationals 3 points x (competitors – position – 1)

Premier events 2 points x (competitors – position – 1)

Secondary events 1 point x (competitors – position – 1)

Points will be allocated to a helm and boat. I helm using a different boat in any event will be scored separately.

Competitors is defined as a boat/helm who has successfully completed at least one race at an event.