Tacking an International Canoe

Preparation to tacking an IC is all about keeping speed and compliment to the manoeuvre.
Ease the jib sheet a few inches before starting to move in to the boat. As you come in, balance your weight by easing the main.

As you near to the boat start to steer into the wind.

Stand on to the boat and either walk behind the mainsail or duck under the boom.

Do not be temped to jamb the main sheet as this will only cause a capsize.

Grab one of the webbing straps on the sliding seat.
Throw the seat across as the boat goes head to wind.
Tests have shown that throwing the seat over to early will cause to boat to hold up head to wind. Leave the seat for longer on the new lee- ward side as the wind strength builds.
Correct the turn and prepare to move forward on to the seat.
A quick tug on the boom should pop the fully battened main
Straddle the seat and prepare to sit down.
Now sheet in and move out as the power comes on.
It’s that easy, Honest!

Some Training Videos

Righting from a capsize : Drop behind the slide makes it easy to get back on board and keeps the bow off the wind so she doesn’t luff, stop and reverse !

Bearing away from a reach.
Don’t forget to un jam your mainsheet !