Registering an IC

  1. First of all you must be a member of the association. 
  2. You will need to notify the Registrations Secretary when you buy a used IC and for new boats.
  3. First pay the registration fee to the Treasurer which is shown below.
  4. Use the link below to email the Registrations Secretary to register your boat or a request a sail number for a new boat.
  5. For new boats, the  Registrations Secretary will confirm the next sequential number and will advise that this will be issued to you when the new boat registration fee has been received by the Treasurer.
  6. For used boats once the fee has been received, a new certificate of ownership will be issued to you.
  7. To pay the  new boat or used boat registration fee, use the link below to email the Treasurer to confirm you have transferred your fee to the Association’s bank account (Sort code: 09-01-55 Account number: 35483708) with the your name and/or boat number as reference


Your boat must have a measurement certificate before you can race as an IC.  This is administered by the Class Measurer

  1. The measurer will organise one of our local class measurers to organise a visit to check the boat meets the class rules for which a fee will be paid to cover travel expenses.
  2. Once you have got the boat measured (measurement forms are on the website) and assuming it complies with the rules, send the completed measurement form (either hard copy or electronic scan) to the Registration Secretary, and the Measurement Certificate will be issued. Please note the number, weight and location of any correctors must be indicted on the measurement form as these are recorded on the measurement certificate.


Summary of fees

Class Association Membership                                      £40 (discount of £5 if standing order is used)

Registration fee new boats                                           £100

Registration fee for change of ownership                       Free to members of the association – £30 to non members

Measurement fee:                       At the discretion of the measurer but nominally travel expenses based on £0.40/mile