One Design

About the Nethercot Design

The traditional one design Nethercot hull is now classified as all boats built up to 2008 with the minumum weight of 83kg all up, except sails. There is a further vintage division for the older pre-nethercott designs including the famous Uffa Fox designs such as Wake and Valiant.

The International 10 Square Metre Canoe is one of the world’s fastest single-handed monohull sailing dinghy, with a unique feature of a sliding seat that enables the helmsman to place his or her weight a long way out from the side of the hull. This makes the International Canoe (IC) an exhilarating and challenging boat to sail.

Still a very fast boat the ICOD offers a thrilling ride for minimum outlay with boats available for under £1000 to get you started in the fleet. For those who wish to migrate to the Asymmetric fleet, a range of options are available for trading up to a new boat or modifying and upgrading old boats to the AC standard. Alternatively boats can be stripped down and rebuilt using modern materials to reduce weight and sailed against the new rules boats with a minimum weight of 50kg.

The new rules boats are still in their infancy and in many conditions a Nethercot OD IC can still give them a run for their money especially in windy and large waves where boat handling in the new narrower forms can be a challenge.

Main Statistics

Length overall: 5180 mm
Hull beam: 1018 mm
Draught: Centreboard max. 1000 mm below hull
Minimum all up mass (ex.sails): 83.5 kg [Max. correctors: 10 kg]

Sail area 10m2
Max. mainsail area: 8.50m2
Top of main from underside of hull: 6360 mm max.
Top of jib halyard from underside of hull: 4730 mm max.

Sliding seat:
Horizontal extension from centreline of hull: 2040 mm max.
Max. width: 500 mm
Max. mass: 12 kg
Min. mass: 9 kg

Ideal crew weight:
Approx. 60-85 kg (10-13.5 stone)

PY Numbers:
IC Portsmouth Number (2009) 905