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The International Canoe World championships are held every three years and rotate between the continents of Europe, America and Australasia.

The New York Challenge Cup is the second oldest sailing competition in the world second only to the America's Cup and dating back to the late 1800's.

The challenge is staged at the championships on the final day in a set of three races. Teams are drawn from the best performing sailors during the event with the top three from the defending nation against the best team from a challenging nation. The winner of the Challenge Cup results are based on the best performing team on the final day in three races.


Previous Winning teams and their team members;


1933 Uffa Fox, Roger de Quincey (UK)
1936 Roger de Quincey (UK)
1948 P V McKinnon, C D Harris-St John (UK)
1952 Lou Whitman (USA)
1955 Lou Whitman, Joe Farrugia, Frank Jordan, Adolph Morse (USA)
1959 Bill Kempner, Alan Emus (UK)
1961 Alan Emus, Graham Smith (UK)
1974 Lief Johannson, Mats Lind (Sweden)
1984 Steve Clark, Hannah Clark, Chris Converse (USA)
1988 Steve Clark, Chris Mass (USA)
1993 Robin Wood, Mark Goodchild, Mike Fenwick (UK)
1996 Robin Wood, Mark Goodchild, Simon Allen (UK)
1998 Lester Noble, Mark Goodchild, Chris Haworth (UK)
1999 Lester Noble, Mark Goodchild, John Ellis (UK)

2002 Mark Goodchild, John Ellis, Phil Robin (UK)
2005 Mark Goodchild, Simon Allen, Phil Robin (UK)
2008 Hayden Virtue, Seth Dunbar, Tim Wilson (AUS)
2011 Chris Maas, David Clark, Willy Clark (USA)

2014 Mikey,Radziejowski, Chris Maas, Willy Clark (USA)

2017 Robin Wood, Gareth Caldwell, Alistair Warren (UK)