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This list has been expanded to included the smaller European nations fleets who are growing but as yet do not have a website.

Nations included;

GBR - Great Britain divided into AC, ICOD and IC

FRA - French AC's , IC's and ICOD combined in one list


GBR Registered Canoes - IC

All IC's with a sail number of GBR306 and above comply with latest development status rules.




Club/ area

Design/Hull Colour(s)

Boat Name

GBR308 Richard Bowers Castle Cove SC Monkey - White Monkey
GBR311 Perham Harding Swanage Morrison 1/Bloodaxe - Red Scarlet
GBR312 Alan Powell Oxford Powell - Yellow/Blue ASBO
GBR317 Alistair Warren East Anglia Dragonfly/Bloodaxe - Blue Dragonfly
GBR318 John Ellis Scaling Dam Ellis - Sky Blue Blue Horizon
GBR319 Shaun Anderson Oxford SC Morrison 1/Bloodaxe - White Mr Blue Sky
GBR320 Rob Stebbing Cargreen SC Morrison 2/C12- Blue/td> Sapphire
GBR321 Glen Truswell Poole Harbour YC Morrison 2/C12 - Lime Green Punk & Poetry
GBR323 Roger Howell SaltashSC Bloodaxe/StringTheory Maas - Blue Sideshow Bob
GBR326 Hugh de Longh Castle Cove SC Dragonfly/Bloodaxe - Orange End Game
GBR328 Phil Robin Hayling Dragonfly/Bloodaxe - Red Little Scarlet
GBR329 Alistair James Grafham SC Morrison2/C12PB . Peppermint Papa Goose
GBR334 John Ellis Scaling Dam Ellis Ultra Narrow - Red & Black Horizon Job
GBR335 Gareth Caldwell Blithfield SC Bloodaxe/ST1 - Green/carbon Ska'd for Life
GBR336 Rob Stebbing Cargreen YC Maas US/ST2 - Yellow Hard and Fast
GBR337 Mike Shreeve Northampton SC AUS Virtue - Black Aussie Cowboy
GBR338 Steve Clarke Llandegfedd SC Morrison3/C12 - yellow, black Money4Nuffin
GBR339 Dave Timson Llandegfedd SC Morrison3/C12 - blue, black Bloodhound
GBR340 Chris Hampe RCYC Morrison3/C12 - white Monkey's Uncle
GBR341 Mike Fenwick Castle Cove SC Bloodaxe/ST1 - yellow/carbon Noah's Ark
GBR342 Rob Bell Emberton SC Morrison3/C12
GBR343 Phil Allen Chichester SC Morrison3/C12 - Blue/Black Blunderbuss
GBR344 Robin Wood Llandegfedd Maas US - Black Black Betty
GBR345 Richard Bowers Castle Cove SC CC ST1 In Build
GBR346 John Ellis Scaling Dam SC Ellis Mk3 Cream
GBR347 Andy Gordon Stokes Bay SC Morrison3 - C12 Sky Blue
GBR348 Steve Bowen Aberaeron SC Morrison3/C12 Ferrari Red
GBR3xx Martin Robb Castle Cove SC CC ST1 In Build
GBR3xx Glen Truswell Poole Harbour YC Morrison3/C12 In Build
GBR3xx Alex Knight Castle Cove SC CC ST1 In Build

GBR Registered Asymmetric Canoes (AC)












Club/ area

Hull Colour

Boat Name

GBR167 Simon Hotchin Oxford
GBR176 Rob Bell Tony Miles shell only Itzakindamagick
GBR204 Pete Conway Lymington Grey/Blue Fling
GBR206 O Owen Brightlingsea Red/FRP Nethercott Easy Tiger
GBR210 Dave Perkis Langstone
GBR224 P Hill Carsington
GBR231 P Alder/A Kinsman Loch Lomond Grey Run Cool
GBR236 I L Williams Hayling
GBR245 K Owen Gillingham
GBR249 Rob Bell Grey Razorback shell only Aquadizyacht
GBR252 B Evens Weymouth
GBR255 P Barr Hayling
GBR256 P Varley Stokes Bay Hot Magenta Stiletto
GBR260 A Todd Dee
GBR263 B Clark Maldon
GBR267 Martin Robb Castle Cove Yellow
GBR268 R Nelson Grand Cayman
GBR269 Phil James Carsington Blue/turqouise Geronimo
GBR271 P Hill Carsington Moonshine Woosh
GBR272 Ben Rogers Netley SC Red/White Shazam
GBR273 P Lee Lymington Red Sunset
GBR276 T Powell Stourbridge Yellow Loon
GBR279 Rob Stebbing Saltash Tourquise Northern Walkover
GBR280 Peter McLaren Loch Lomond Red/grey Mongoose
GBR282 Stephen Jaakeman Llandegfedd Plum Forbidden Pleasure
GBR283 John Robson Ullswater Midnight Blue Hurricane
GBR284 J Lammerts v Bueren Holland Blue Outlaw
GBR285 J Crabtree Somerset
GBR286 F Jordan Ullswater Lime Green
GBR287 David Stothert Carsington SC White/pink
GBR288 Andy Gordon Stokes Bay Blue Independant Badger
GBR289 Terry Curtis Castle Cove SC Yellow Bananas Revenge
GBR290 Matt Philpott Llandefedd Red Twisted Welshman
GBR293 James Rosser Llandegfedd Orange
GBR294 Rob Stebbing Cargreen SC Lime Green Dreamcatcher
GBR296 Phil Allen Hayling Black/white Billy no mates
GBR297 D McKinney Scaling Dam Yellow Yellow Jacket
GBR298 Max McCarthy Draycote SC Blue Time Warp
GBR299 Scott Kaczor Starcross YC Yellow Sunshine
GBR300 Roger Howell Saltash Met Purple Menace
GBR301 Andy Biden Weston Shore SC Yellow Lights Out
GBR302 Martyn Osborne Llandegfedd SC Red Red a'head
GBR306 Alan Bennett Ullswater Lime green Crunchy Frog
GBR309 Rob Stebbing Cargreen SC Met Blue Black and Blue
GBR310 Steve Bowen Llandegfedd Plum 'Plumb' Crazy
GBR313 Max Reid Oxford Orange Echo
GBR316 Rob Stebbing Cargreen SC Black/carbon Jet


Asymmeric Canoes are all required to meet the Appendix 4 OD Nethercott hull one design with Appendix 3 modifications to carry an asymmetric spinnaker of the ICF Canoe Sailing Competition Rules 2017.

GBR Registered Canoes - ICOD One Design and Slurp

IC's with sail number GBR305 and below are defined as Nethercott One Design (OD) boats and meet the rules in force when built or meet the Appendix 4 OD Nethercott hull one design of the ICF Canoe Sailing Competition Rules.

Slurp designs are built to meet the 2009 development rules but are heavier than the minimum, have a fixed carriage and intended as an entry level to the class but can be bought as a new boat. The Slurp sails off the same PY rating as the ICOD. 



Club/ area

Design/Hull Colour(s)

Boat Name

K26 Neil Witt Plymouth Sven Thorell/ply
K41 Phil Robin Hayling Jack Holt/ply
K102 M Brigg Stokes Bay Nethercott - wood Torment
GBR108 Tony Marston West Kirby Nethercott - wood Project Dave
GBR158 Steve Fleming West Kirby Slurp - yellow Katie
GBR189 J Doomernik Holland Nethercott - Wood/varnished
GBR193 Rob Stebbing Saltash Nethercott - grey/wood Martian
GBR196 Alistair Alston West Kirby SC Pyranaha - yellow/red Balancing Act
GBR205 Alistair Tennant West Kirby Nethercott
GBR214 Duncan James Cornwall Nethercott ICODTBD Sunrise
GBR233 Mike Shreeve Draycott SC Nerthercott- blue/wood Ice Warrior 2
GBR234 M Wheel Loch Lomond Nethercott - blue-green Quantum Leap
GBR235 J Brooke Walton & Frinton Nethercott - wood ManIC
GBR238 Chris Hampe Saltash Nethercott - white
GBR242 Ed Bremner Roadford Nethercott
GBR246 Tom James West Kirby Nethercott Splinter
GBR250 Phil Robin Hayling SC Nethercott/Windebank Fusion
GBR253 Ian McPherson Loch Lomond Nethercott - Red/wood Stingray
GBR257 Jim Champ Nethercott - sky blue Samantha C Slade
GBR258 Paddy Adler Loch Lomond Nethercott - Blue/wood Full Mouth
GBR262 Dan Skinner West Kirby Nethercot - Plum/carbon Lost my Mojo
GBR264 Netherlands Nethercott - white/wood Makalos
GBR265 Mark Goodchild Medway Nethercot - purple/wood Cunning Stunts
GBR270 R Pemberton Nethercott - Windebank Hinds Feet
GBR274 Roger Kent Mengham Rythe Nethercott Walkabout
GBR275 Alistair Alston Manchester Nethercott- red
GBR278 Simon Allen Hayling Nethercott - Moonshine Purple Incognito
GBR291 Graham Nicholson West Kirby Nethercott - Ivory
GBR292 John Ellis Scaling Dam Nethercott - orange Born to be wilder
GBR295 Mike Shreeve Draycot Nethercott - orange Extended Play
GBR303 Martin Bowyer Blithfield Nethercott - Kawasaki Green Greenie?
GBR304 S Bugen Nethercott - orange Austracised
GBR305 Ian McPherson Loch Lomond Nethercott - blue


GBR307 Tony Marston West Kirby Slurp/Wood/Marston - Black Lord Vader
GBR314 Ed Bremner Roadford Slurp/Wood/Marston - Grey Silver Surfer
GBR315 Stuart Dawson West Kirby Slurp/Wood/Marston - Blue/grey Froglet IV
GBR322 Alistair Tennant W Kirby Slurp/Wood/Marston
GBR325 Tony Marston West Kirby Slurp/Wood  - Black Blackbird
GBR331 Dave Potter West Kirby Slurp FRP/DB - Black Black Knight
GBR332 Shaun Anderson Oxford SC Slurp/FRP/DB  - Orange Zest
GBR333 Tony Marston W Kirby Slurp/FRP/DB - White White Knight

Vintage indicated boats built prior to 1972 to the previous rules pre-Nethercott


FRA - French Registered Canoes - ICOD One Design, AC and IC

Pour mettre à jour cette liste, contactez Gilles Gras via le IC forum.






Nom du bateau

FRA18 Loctudy Nethercott OD Razorback
FRA19 Laurent Giraud Meudon Nethercott OD
FRA20 Laurent Giraud Meudon Nethercott OD
FRA21 Sebastien Lebars Loctudy Nethercott OD Wood/GRP
FRA24 Olivier Bordeau Brest Nethercott OD
FRA25 Mael Audic Aradon Pyranaha, blue
FRA26 Jean Luc Perrard Loctudy Razorback - Carbon/white
FRA27 Jacques Martin Evian Razorback AC - Yellow Top Banana
FRA28 Damien Denis Rennes GRP/Wood
FRA29 Vinvent Meurzec Behec, Brittany Nethercott OD
FRA30 SE France Nethercott OD - Green/wood
FRA31 Helene Le roc'h Lac de Foret d'orient AC - Purple
FRA32 Bruno de Bruine Evian Nethercott OD - green
FRA33 Gilles Gras Saint Gilles Croix de vie C12 Morrison2 -Red/carbon Hells Bells


Cette liste est complète jusqu'au 9/10/18