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Ullswater IC/AC Open July 11/12th 2009





Ullswater once again hosted the International Canoe Premier event in fantastic surroundings on the weekend of 11th/12th July. The most northerly venue on the circuit gave the opportunity for the northerners to show the southern visitors the way round on their home turf.  


Ullswater has benefitted from growth in the fleet of IC's over the last few years in a club where the class has been sailed for very many years. 




11 boats journeyed to the Lake District, despite the weather forecast, clearly everyone was still buzzing after the Nationals. In fact 6 turned up a week early for the Lord Birkett trophy and stayed on.  Luckily Cumbria was a day behind the weather forecast and Saturday was glorious which the shore teams certainly enjoyed.

The wind on the other hand was not feeling quite so amenable. The day started almost windless but it filled in by the 1 o’clock start.


The first two races were a challenging combination of big gusts, huge lulls and 180° wind shifts which provided lots of order changing throughout. Dave Timson and Peter Mclaren had strong results but it was Gareth Caldwell who was in front as the fat lady sang.


The second race proved difficult for some, as it seems that most can only count to 5 causing issues when the race officer decided to make it 6 laps. Although I am happy to say that the committee boat survived the constant attentions of Rob Bell despite him getting wrapped around the stern. He had obviously decided they were having more fun than we were.           


After a grueling first days racing the club put on a fabulous meal giving the sailors an opportunity to unwind and chat to the other visitors at the club, the Open Canoes.


Sunday brought very different sailing challenges creating some fantastic end of the seat sailing. Very tight racing meant that most people had a taste at the front of the pack but Caldwell was in a class of his own coupling excellent tactics with outstanding boat speed to take the open. John Robson was close behind with Dave Timpson coming in 3rd.   


John Ellis took the IC match race by beating Alistair Warren in 3 out of the 5 races despite Alistair finished higher up the overall placing’s.


International Canoe Open 11/12/ July 2009 Non AsymmSailed:5, Discards:1, To count:4, Entries:2, Scoring system:Appendix A
1stInternational Canoe292Scailing DamJohn Ellis9051.01.0(2.0)
2ndInternational Canoe308 Alistair Warren905(2.0)
Ullswater International Canoe Open 2009Sailed:5, Discards:1, To count:4, Ratings:PY, Entries:9, Scoring system:Appendix A


1stAsymmetric Canoe294CarsingtonGareth Caldwell873(1.0)
2ndAsymmetric Canoe283Ullswater Y.CJohn Robson8733.0(4.0)
3rdAsymmetric Canoe303LLandegfeddDave Timson8732.03.04.0(5.0)
4thAsymmetric Canoe299Ullswater Y.CColin Brown873(10.0 OCS)
5thAsymmetric Canoe280Loch LomondPeter McLaren8734.02.05.0(6.0)
6thAsymmetric Canoe298Emberton ParkRob Bell8736.0(7.0)
7thAsymmetric Canoe249Ullswater Y.CCraig Robinson8737.0(8.0)
8thAsymmetric Canoe300LLandegfeddSteve Clarke8735.05.0(10.0 DNC)10.0 DNC10.0 DNC40.030.0
9thAsymmetric Canoe286Ullswater Y.CFelicity Robson8738.0(9.0)
 Overall Results Handicap Racing 
RankClassSailNoClubHelmNamePY R1 R2 R3 R4 R5TotalNett
1stAsymmetric Canoe294CarsingtonGareth Caldwell873(1.0)
2ndAsymmetric Canoe283Ullswater Y.CJohn Robson8733.00(4.0)
3rdAsymmetric Canoe303LLandegfeddDave Timson8732.003.005.00(7.0)7.0024.0017.00
4thAsymmetric Canoe299Ullswater Y.CColin Brown873(12.0 OCS)
5thInternational Canoe308 Alistair Warren9057.00(8.0)
6thAsymmetric Canoe280Loch LomondPeter McLaren8735.002.006.00(8.0)8.0029.0021.00
7thInternational Canoe292Scailing DamJohn Ellis9054.00(7.0)
8thAsymmetric Canoe298Emberton ParkRob Bell8738.00(9.0)
10thAsymmetric Canoe300LLandegfeddSteve Clarke8736.005(12.0 DNC)12.0 DNC12.0 DNC47.0035.00
9thAsymmetric Canoe249Ullswater Y.CCraig Robinson8739.00(10)
11thAsymmetric Canoe286Ullswater Y.CFelicity Robson87310.00(11)9.0010.0010.0050.0039.00