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Sun, 23 Oct, 2016

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Handicaps - Note to Clubs

With the International Canoe class returning to a development status, the class accepts that handicaps for club racing will need to evolve with the new designs.

The PY system provided by the RYA is the main guide for handicaps based on club returns but the Class Association appreciates that this can be a slow process. With this in mind the Class works closely at various levels to constantly monitor the handicap of the various factions within the fleet to make sure that racing can be fair across a wide set of conditions, skill of the helmsman and most importantly the type of courses sailed. Based on current performance and averaging across a wide range of factors the Class recommended PY ratings recommended are as follows;

International Canoe post GBR305: 893 (or as modified by the RYA PY committee)

International Canoe One Design pre GBR 306 and the Slurp design:  920

Asymmetric canoe (A mark on the bottom of the mainsail): 870


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Events Calendar for 2016


The main event will be the Nationals and Europa Cup at Pwllheli (pronounced Pwooth-helly by the way!) which will be an ideal opportunity to hone your skills on the sea and prepare yourself for the Worlds in 2017. Intention is to concentrate efforts in a venues where we can get a good turnout, sharing with other classes as necessary and in venues where the wind may be more predictable. There will also be more opportunities for training and trying out boats to bring people into the class and also kelp those within in develop their skills and technique.

Sat & Sun 5-6/5/16 Paignton Single Handed Dinghy Regatta

Sat 2/7/16 Have-a-Go IC Slurp-ing Castle Cove SC, Weymouth

Fri 8/7/16 Training Castle Cove SC, Weymouth

Sat & Sun 9-10/7/16 Open, part of Castle Cove SC Regatta, Weymouth

Mon-Fri 15-19/8/16 Chichester Harbour Race Week, Hayling Island SC, Chichester Harbour

Sat 20/8/16 Open, Mengeham Rythe SC, Chichester Harbour

Tue 30/8/16 Training/Photo Shoot, Pwllheli, N.Wales

Wed-Sun 31/8-4/9/16 Europa Cup & UK IC Nationals, Pwllheli, N.Wales

Fri 7/10/16 Training Oxford SC

Sat 8/10/16 Open Oxford SC

Non Sailing: London Dinghy Exhibition Sat & Sun 5-6/3/16

Other possible venues but to be confirmed: Training/Open Blithfield, Ullswater & West Kirby





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Premier Events 2016

Summary of planned Premier events below. These may change as the season progresses.

For specific details on the Premier Events, click on this link.

Date Event IC/AC/ICOD Venue
May 7/8
Premier Open IC/AC /ICOD Paignton YC
July 9/10 Premier Open IC/AC/ICOD Castle Cove SC
Aug 20 Premier Open IC/AC/ICOD Mengham Hythe SC, Chichester Harbour
Sept 1-4 UK National Championships IC/AC/ICOD Pwllheli YC
Oct 8 Premier Event AC/IC/ICOD Oxford SC


Travellers Trophy

The 2016 Travellers' Series points will be scored separately for ICs and ACs and OD IC's but also with an overall result based on handicap (if they have been calculated) based on UK based Premier events only. A fleet prize will only be awarded if more than three boats each qualify in more than 2 events.

The Premier Events are the nominated UK Open Meetings and the National Championships with secondary events added from the list or where the committee have been informed in advance that more than three in a given fleet are competing.

Scoring will be based as follows;

Nationals 3 points x (competitors - position - 1)

Premier events 2 points x (competitors - position - 1)

Secondary events 1 point x (competitors - position - 1)

Points will be allocated to a helm and boat. I helm using a different boat in any event will be scored separately.

Competitors is defined as a boat/helm who has successfully completed at least one race at an event.




Are you ready for the ultimate sailing challenge?

The IC is simply one of the fastest singlehanded boats afloat. This derives from its unique design, adopting the narrow hull form inherited from its ancient canoe origins, together with the famous sliding seat which provide a hiking experience no over boat can offer with its inherent freedom from trapeze wires but with a 2m lever from the centre line offering a very powerful righting moment.



The International Canoe is a development class restricted by maximum length, 50Kg minimum weight, a box rule to define minimum width within a beam measurement station and a sail areas of 10m2. A  una rig is now permitted.

In the UK three main designs are currently being developed; Morrison (1 and 2), Dragonfly and Maas. Other builders have designed their own variants which are optimised for minimum drag or a wave piercing ability with a flatter section aft.