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Thu, 11 Feb, 2016

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Are you ready for the ultimate sailing challenge?

The IC is simply one of the fastest singlehanded boats afloat. This derives from its unique design, adopting the narrow hull form inherited from its ancient canoe origins, together with the famous sliding seat which provide a hiking experience no over boat can offer with its inherent freedom from trapeze wires but with a 2m lever from the centre line offering a very powerful righting moment.



The International Canoe is a development class restricted by maximum length, 50Kg minimum weight, a box rule to define minimum width within a beam measurement station and a sail areas of 10m2. A  una rig is now permitted.

In the UK three main designs are currently being developed; Morrison (1 and 2), Dragonfly and Maas. Other builders have designed their own variants which are optimised for minimum drag or a wave piercing ability with a flatter section aft.